Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lost my job cashed in my 401 and was determined to make money in the online porn industry. Did a bunch of research and talked to the companies that make the sites. I found Teleteria first. They were the most professional and had the best looking sites with the most content. But I read the negative stuff and was concerned. I got to speak to Jay Servidio directly and he explained that they have an A rate with the BBB and it was easy to see that anyone can post anything on those chat sites and it gets posted live with NO fact checking. How can I make a decision based off that type of chat site??? I read all the articles on Teleteria. I especially liked the ones on AVN, The NY Press and The Wall Street Journal. I bought a site and 2 months later bought 3 more. I earn almost 1000.00 per day and there is no end in site. I will never have to find a job again. I ran an ad in CL and hired to part timers to help me with manage the sites which gives me more free time to enjoy the money I make. Jay Servidio helped us and we are very grateful. Randy P. Orlando Fla.